Apollo is amazing. Best massage and Joe who does the accpunture is incredible. He has the magic touch to fixing your body and making you feel amazing. Even his amazing herbs are giving me more energy and focus. I feel younger and in the best health. Thanks heaps Joe
Paula Knaggs,
I've been going to Apollo for a few years getting treatment by Jo. The most recent one I've had was for my sinuses.
At the time I had a sinus infection, with a lot of pain, headaches etc. During the treatment, I received acupuncture directly in my sinuses (this is very hard to find practices that offer this type of acupuncture) as well as acupuncture reflexology.
Gaining immediate unblocking, there is no way to describe the feeling throughout this treatment.
I would highly recommend.
Madi Kidd,

10 May 2017

Joe is an acupuncture genius. I had some severe lower back pain (prolapsed diskc) and was recommended to seek out some acupuncture for relief. I stumbled upon Apollo - and Joe - and have had fantastic results so far. Very thorough, very careful, and very good! Couldn't recommend highly enough! Highly recommended...

Kirk Vogel,

7 March 2017

Joe is fantastic working those acupuncture points with needles (have never been much of a fan but now am a believer). Unblocking the chi (energy) within the body to help with recovery/healing. He has helped me to heal quicker pre and post surgery of my broken clavicle. Helped release pressure/swelling and quick healing when a 5 kg weight first dropped on my toes (am still amazed on how fast the bruising and swelling went down), allowing me to quickly get back to what i love doing-training, moving around freely. Helped a lot with minimising swelling.

Combined with his amazing knowledge of Eastern herbs, helped me further to rest better at night and my digestive system.

and the massage/Hot stone massage - just wonderful and the place is just relaxing and ambient.

Thanks Apollo Team

Thanks Tommi.  

Tommi Wong,